Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Beech Class

Intrasport Competition

Health Week

This week is Health Week at Staplegrove.  We have lots of exciting things planned for us this week, including sports day, a first aid session and our trip. 

Making worry dolls

We read the story of Silly Billy by Anthony Browne which is about a little boy who worries about everything.  We then talked a little about how worries can seem irrational to other people but are very real for the worrier. After this we talked about how some children in Guatemala have used worry dolls to tell their worries to and then we made our own worry dolls to help us with any worries that we might have.

First Aid Session - Making a 999 call and choking

During our first aid session, Matt told us what constituted making a 999 call and what didn't. He then physically demonstrated what happens when we choke, using the children as air, food, lungs and windpipe.  After this, Matt told us how to help someone who is choking and we were able to have a go at dislodging a foreign body from the windpipe using backslaps.  We were able to practise on the baby and small child models.

Back in class we talked about how important it is that first aid such as this is only used when extremely urgent and how that for Beech class there would normally be an adult nearby who could help.  We had a big discussion about not practising on each other or on younger (or older) siblings.  The children were very responsible about this and thought that they might practise on their soft toys.

Summer B Newsletter

Letter for our trip to Puxton Park

Learning our poem 'The train ride' byy June Crebbin and Stephen Lambert

Exciting new visitors

On Tuesday 9th May our new chicks hatched out over the course of the day.  We had two gorgeous yellow chicks and 12 black and cream chicks.  They are now fluffy and cheeping madly.  We have done observational drawings of the chicks as well as lots of chick-cuddling.



Still image for this video

Multi-skills festivals 11th May 2016

We all had a wonderful morning yesterday at the multi-skills festival at Wellsprings.  We met up with lots of year 1 children from other schools and participated in an active morning - learning new skills and making friends.


Inventing stories to write our own warning tales

Welcome to the summer term and the children's last term in year 1.  I can't believe how all the children have grown during the last two terms.  Watch this space for information on things that have happened or that will be happening during this term in Beech class.

Summer A

Values Day - February 25th 2016

We have had a wonderful day today and learnt so much.  We have learnt about the Holy Trinity, we have looked at the value of friendship and we talked about some of God's wonderful creations - particularly water.  We all took part in agape, which is about sharing, and we shared donuts and squash with our friends.

Have a look on Rowan class page for some photos of what we were doing.

Beech Class Newsletter Spring B

Welcome back after half term.  Keep popping back to see what we have been up to in Beech Class.


Beech Class Assembly

Beech class will be sharing their learning in assembly on Monday 8th February 2016 at 2.40pm in the school hall.  Please feel free to join us to see what the children have been getting up to.


The owl and the pussycat

The children have had a great time with this half term's topic.  We started off learning the poem for topic and guided reading and then moved onto learning to waltz like the owl and the pussycat (photographs to follow).

The children have been learning to draw still-life and then self-evaluating their own work and improving it.

This week the children will be making clay owls and we will be looking at all of the lovely homework projects that the children have brought into school.  Thank you for all the hard work that you have put in to help your children produce such lovely work.


Christmas Nativity Performance - Wednesday 16th December 2015

Intrasport Day 8th December 2015

The children had a fabulous time running relay races and playing tag rugby games.  The class team winners were the yellow Mendips.  Well done to the Mendips and everyone in Beech class!

Christmas Nativity practice

The children are practising hard to put on our Christmas Calypso Nativity.   We have learnt the songs and we are now working on our stage directions.  Looking forward to next week!!!

Food Science experiments

We have had a great time predicting the strength of egg shells, looking at chemical reactions with cola and melting chocolate.  We worked hard to understand what would happen when we added heat, mechanical forces and when we mixed things together.  The results were - on occasion - explosive!!!

Autumn Walk to find descriptive sound words for Autumn poetry

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term.  This will prove to be another busy half term.  Watch this space for more photographs of the children as well as information about what we are getting up to.

Making mosaics during our Morocco WOW exit day

Autumn walk for inspiration for our Autumn poetry

Half termly homework project

Just a reminder that this term’s homework project is to create a drum, which makes a sound, using any materials you like. This will be shown, discussed and used to perform with at the end of term.  Please see website www.dltk-kids.cpm/world/africa/mdrum for ideas.

Due in: Monday 12th October 2015

Beech class newsletter

Red Words

We have sent home a list of red words which relate to the phonics colour book that your child is on.  We are assessing children for re-grouping in phonics this week.  If you feel that your child can easily read the red words they have, please practise spelling them so that I can see that your child is regularly spelling them correctly in their written work.  More red words will be sent home once the new groups are established!


A big welcome to all the new year 1 children and their parents and carers.  We have an exciting year of learning planned.  We will try to update the web page with letters sent home, as well as photos of what your children get up to during their time in school.  Watch this space for more information...