Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Beech Class 2020-21

Welcome to Beech Class!

Thank you for visiting our class page. We hope you enjoy an insight into some of our learning. 

The creation story.

We compared the Christian creation story to the Hindu creation story. We thought about the different Gods that the two religions had and how they believed that the world was created. 

We love sharing books!

Thinking about our blessings in RE.

This term, we have been doing lots of different ball games which involve a variety of skills; throwing, catching, weaving, changing direction, kicking, passing, aiming, dodging, batting, fielding, finding space and working as a team. 

Beech Class absolutely loved making sock puppets. Firstly, they designed their sock puppet and thought about the resources they would need. Then, we had a go at making them; we used buttons, beads, yarn, sequins, pom-poms and googly eyes. The children had a go at threading a needle and tried to sow something onto their sock; although this was tricky, they had a really good go. I was so impressed with their socks and they loved creating a puppet show with them. 

Making a catapult.

Still image for this video

The children wanted to take their own photos using the class I-Pad.

 Role-playing a shop, making amounts, making arrays to count the money and recognising coins. 

Science - looking at plant structures

We observed the plants closely using simple equipment, and we identified and described the basic structure of a plant and a tree. We discussed the similarities and differences of the different plants and enjoyed looking at how much the vegetables had grown in the school garden. 

English - We had news reporters in Beech Class!

Beech Class have been loving their class book this half-term: Claude in the City by Alex T. Smith. 


We have been predicting parts of the story, creating adventures, writing poems about the city, making wanted posters and much, much more! In the pictures above, we were taking on the different roles of characters in the story: a news presenter, a police officer, Claude and a robber; this really helped deepen our understanding of the text and the characters. Once we had had some practise, we performed in front of the class with a sparkly microphone which made it even more exciting! Hopefully Miss Rzepka can get the videos to upload soon.


We are looking forward to continuing Claude's adventures as we continue the book!   

Computing on the Chromebooks.

Here are a few pictures from a couple of our Maths lessons. We were looking at making equal groups through using manipulatives. We learnt about halves and quarters and then looked at making even larger groups or larger quantities of groups. We were really good at this! 

RE - Hinduism: Why are some places special?

We looked at why some places are special. We firstly had a look at different special places for Hindu's and then looked at special places for Christians, thinking of similarities and differences.


The pictures above:

We found out about a Hindu boy called Kedar, for whom Ganesha is very important. We explored lots of different items that Hindu's may have in their places of worship. We then used an artefact of Ganesha, and put together a shrine similar to Kedar’s in a quiet area of the classroom. We understood that we needed to respect the shrine and the image of Ganesha because it is special and holy for Kedar and other Hindus.

In Science this half term, we have been looking at materials. We tested them to see if they would float or sink; whether they were absorbent or waterproof, and transparent or opaque. We grouped them by looking at their different properties. We experimented with magnets and found out how they work. We learnt about the North and South poles of magnets and how they repel and attract. We also had a go at the 'Paperclip Challenge', seeing who could attach the most paperclips to a magnet.   

We conducted another experiment using data loggers. We had a bell and wanted to see which material was the best at quietening the sound it was making. We looked at the data loggers to see the number of decibels the bell was making each time and ensured that we were carrying out a fair test. 

Forest School and Art.

We love to venture out into forest school or onto the field to immerse ourselves into nature and the wildlife. We enjoy looking after the animals we find and creating bug hotels for them to live in. We loved our first Year 1 topic on 'Snails', where we created fact-files about them and built them a home to live in, thinking about where they like to live, what they like to eat and the conditions that they need to live.