Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Cedar Class 2019-20

         Welcome to Cedar Class


Vocabulary Parade 05.03.2020

Ancient Civilizations Top Trumps - ordering according to start date

We had a visit from Father Christmas today.

Inspire Morning


Thank you to all of the adults that joined us this morning - we had a fantastic time creating our own Adinkra cloths. The results were fabulous! Here are some of the highlights of the morning.

This is the powerpoint from the Isle of Wight meeting on Monday 21st October. Please take a look and contact Mrs Walker if you have any further questions.

Our Pencil Case Contract


Over the past week, after the topic was brought to our attention by one of the children in the class,  Cedar Class have spent time discussing if pencil cases should/could be brought  to school . The majority of the children wanted the opportunity to bring their own equipment to school in a pencil case. Every child had an opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions on the topic - even down to the colour of the ink and the border design and together we drew up some guidelines. We decided that we would trial this opportunity until the end of  October and see how it went. If a member of Cedar Class wants to bring in a pencil case then they will be asked to sign the contract showing that they agree to our class guidelines.


The children were really excited about this opportunity and I'm sure it will be a fantastic success!  

PE - African Dance 


Over the past three weeks, Cedar Class have been learning different African dance moves. Today in P.E. , the children began to choreograph their own dance routine. 

Harvest Festival


For the Harvest Festival, we wrote poems based on the letter 's'. We also created a class wreath constructed from leaves. Cedar Class performed the poem brilliantly, with lots of the children adding actions to match the words.  

Fire Safety Talk


Today we had a visit from Simon - a firefighter. He talked to us about how to stay safe in the home and what to do in case our clothing caught fire. a brave volunteer demonstrated the STOP, DROP and ROLL procedure. The children will be bringing home an activity/information booklet for you to look at. 

African Sunset Art


For the past three weeks, we have been creating African sunset pictures using watercolour paint and silhouettes of animals. The finish pictures are brilliant and will look fantastic on display in the classroom.

Observational Drawing


This afternoon, we had a close look at the African instruments and then made some very detailed sketches of them. We tried to add depth through the use of shading.