Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Cherry Class 2021-22

Welcome to Cherry Class!

Please have a look below to see what we have been getting up to and to find out some key information. 

We love a photo opportunity!

Badminton taster session ran by a Commonwealth Games gold medalist!

Creating, trialling and presenting a new sports game, tailored to all abilities.

Identifying the different parts of flowers - we took these photos ourselves.

Exploring Judaism artefacts.

Easter Cracked! Stained glass windows, Easter decorations and adding our flower to the cross for church.

Magnet strength experiment.

We love finding a comfy space to get lost in our books.

Creating the Iron Man with inspiration from the book.

Geography - cities of the UK research task

Stone Age Houses!



Firstly, we discovered how archaeologists believe that Stone Age houses were built and the materials they used for this. We looked at their different structures and how they may have changed from the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic period. We then had a think about which materials would be best to create our own miniature Stone Age houses and made a design.


The day we began building...

We started by going outside to collect some of the different natural resources we needed. Then, we selected the other materials we needed from the classroom. After that, we began creating our Stone Age houses, looking back at our design to check it was how we wanted it. We all worked amazingly as a team and made sure we only added what would have been in a Stone Age house (not in our own houses today). 


Have a look below to see how they turned out! laugh

Remembrance Day Art


We used water colours to create our poppy fields, inspired by the BBC short film on Remembrance Day. We used white and black paint to make different shades of the colours, and practised blending our colours together. 

History - Life in the Stone Age. 

We had an afternoon in Forest School pretending to be from the Stone Age. We looked around the forest to see what could be an asset and what could be a threat. 


We carried out an experiment to see the different layers of soil. Read the photo captions to find out the process.