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'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Church School Events

All Welcome. St John Church is inviting everyone in our school community to join an all-ages special Church service first Sunday of every month.

Courageous Advocacy - We have been joined by Rev Paul and Dani from Farmlink to celebrate and acknowledge the term; Courageous Advocacy! Jesus showed his followers how they could be live our life courageously and Dani highlighted how we in our everyday lives can be courageous advocacy, reducing our food miles and buying locally - look out for the red tractor!

Religions around the world. Our Worship was led by our fantastic team of Worship Champions. They wanted to celebrate, acknowledge and educate the whole school about the world's major Religions.


Where do we belong?

What make you feel like you belong to the Jewish faith?

We were joined together in Worship to welcome Jane for a special assembly about her faith.

The children from year's 2, 3, and 6 all presented Jane with thoughtful questions about belonging to a faith community.

We were very pleased to welcome Mrs Wagley-Khodabocus into school for a special assembly about Ramadan. The children enjoyed hearing about this special time for Muslims. They asked questions; 'Is it hard to fast?' 'Do all Muslims have to fast?' 'Is fasting part of the 5-pillars of Islam?' The children explored religious artefacts and enjoying tasting dates.

Friendship and Courage. This half term we were joined by Rev Paul to celebrate Friendship and Courage and how both values can support us all in times of need.

Our Easter Service - St John's Church. We joined together in celebration of Easter. We reflected on this special time as one of giving thanks, forgiveness and hope for new beginnings.

Easter Cracked at Staplegrove. The importance of Easter for Christians. - Salvation, forgiveness, respect, hope and new life.

Easter Cracked in Year 4

Whole School Values Day 4.3.22

At Staplegrove Church School, our Christian Values are at the heart of our school community.  Our core Values of; Respect, Courage, Perseverance, Thankfulness, Truthfulness and Friendship, are integral to our school’s identity and each value, helps to guide us each day to be the best that we can be.   To celebrate and explore our school’s six core Christian Values, we joined together for a special Values day. Each class was assigned; a Value, a big question to answer that would evoke questions of wonder and awe. 


World Religion Day. We were delighted to welcome Jane into our school for an assembly to celebrate one of the special World Religions we explore at Staplegrove Church School - Judaism. Jane kindly came to share her; knowledge, faith, traditions and experiences, as a follower of the Jewish faith with our community. The assembly gave all of the children from across the whole school an opportunity to learn from an expert, about an important world religion. The assembly was fun, interactive and allowed for discussion, questioning and understanding. The children really enjoyed learning about the Shabbat and Yom Kippur as well as many other special holy festivals and rituals celebrated in the Jewish faith.

Elm Class Christingle Making Afternoon

Christingle celebrations at St John's Church. Year 5 and 6 were welcomed by Rev. Paul for a special Christingle service. Our upper Key Stage 2 Worship Champions shared their own Christingle Prayer and Poem to accompany the service and share hope and love to all.

As part of our school's Advent preparations, for the lead up to Christmas, we joined together to celebrate Christingle. The children learnt that each element of a Christingle has a special meaning and helps to tell the Christian story to bring hope and light. -The orange represents the world. - The red ribbon symbolises the love and blood of Christ. - The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations. - The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness.

Year 4 and Year 3 learnt about the symbolism of a Christingle today and we answered the question ‘As well as symbolising the light of Christ, what else does the candle light represent?’ We are really looking forward to our Christingle service tomorrow. We hope you enjoy these pictures of us making our Christingles today.

Christingle making in Year 4

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On Monday 29th December our school joined together in celebration for the start if Advent. Rev. Paul led our Worship and the children learnt all about the Advent Wreath and the preparations for the lead up to Christmas. The children reflected on the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace that Christmas time brings.

On Thursday 11th November, Rowan Class remembered, they reflected and respected those that had fallen so that we may live our today and our tomorrow in freedom.   

We prayed for the courageous men and women that fought and played their part in the war effort. The children heard a thought-provoking reading of John McCrae’s; In Flanders Fields.  

This inspired Year 2 to write their own, thoughtful poems about the war and the hope that was felt as the Poppies grew again on the battle fields.  

As part of our Remembrance Day learning, the children used the skill of sowing to create and embellish their very own Poppy.  

Year 2 sent their sown Poppies to St John’s Church for decorating the Tree of Life in readiness for the congregation to enjoy on Sunday’s Remembrance Day Service.  

The Creation Story- retold and performed by Rowan Class; through words, actions and music. Year 2 shared their learning with Elm Class and Rev.Paul in a special performance.

KS2 In-School Harvest Service 2021. The children joined together, to give Thanks, to celebrate Harvest time through; song, prayer and blessings. Thank you to Rev. Paul and Mrs Young for helping us make this Service a true celebration.

As a whole-school community we joined together in worship to acknowledge and celebrate International Day of Peace. We took time to reflect, prayer and pledge that as a school, we would be responsible and respectful in both actions and in words to ensure peace and forgiveness are an integral part of each an every school day at Staplegrove Church School. We made our pledge and made our mark on the Dove of Peace.  ​​​​​​​

Cedar Class Values Certificate

We are delighted to welcome our newly appointed Vicar, Reverend Paul Irving to our Church School community. Reverend Paul. Irving has met with members of our Worship Champion team and he looks forward to meeting our whole-school community soon. Rev. Paul would kindly like to share this information.

Children's Easter decorations and Spring-time flowers displayed and celebrated at St John's Church

What signs can we see that Easter (new life) is coming? Year 2 Salvation



















The Worship Champions and Key Stage one children, helped to bring light and joy into the Church for Christmas.

Children have donated handmade decorations to the Church to share with the congregation of St Johns the Evangelist. We wish our whole Church Community a very happy Christmas.



Our Christmas Christingle - Enjoyed across the Staplegrove Community. Today we celebrated the coming of Christmas with our in-class Christingle Service. Children enjoyed making their own Christingle and answering questions about the meaning of this Christian event.

We will Remember


Today our Staplegrove Community came together in a virtual Worship to commemorate the end of World War 1 - 11th day, of the 11th month, on the 11th hour. 

As a school, we thought about the courage, service and sacrifice shown by the people who fought for our freedom. We gave thanks and paid our respects.

During our 2 minute silence we reflected on those who have sacrificed during times of war and those who are sacrificing during the challenges times we are currently facing to keep us all safe. 

Each class marked this day of Remembrance in their own special way to pay their respects. 

Rowan Class sent their Remembrance Poppies to our local church, St Johns the Evangelist Church Staplegrove. They have been thoughtfully displayed by a kind member of the Church congregation has for us and the local community to share as a symbol of Remembrance and Service.

Poem for Service 

By Milena - Year 2 Rowan  

The Boy in the Temple - 'Open the Book' assembly. We joined together as a school today to hear a special bible story. Worship Champions helped to perform the story alongside the 'Open the Book' team.

World Religion Day. As House Teams, we came together to celebrate and acknowledge Faiths from all around the globe. Children learnt about key aspects and origins of World Religions. As a whole school we shared our learning and celebrated faith through art, movement and creations.

Fun Christingle Making - Children across the whole of Staplegrove Church School have taken part in creating their own Christingle, in preparation for our Christingle service tomorrow. Children from year 6 joined KS 1 and Reception to learn about the meaning of the Christingle and what each element represents to Christians.

Reverend Kivett joined our worship today to bless our school advent wreath. We lite the first candle on the wreath to make the first Sunday in the run-up to Christmas. We thought about Hope, Joy, Love and Peace.

Time to prepare. Christmas is coming! On the lead up to Christmas Reverend Kivett joined us in worship to celebrate Stir-up Sunday.

Thank you to all who joined us for our Remembrance Service at the Church. Willow class lead a very poignant service which included poems and letters they had written.

Lest We Forget. Today's Remembrance Service for KS1. We paid tribute to those who gave their lives for our today. We reflected on their courage and the significant of the Poppy at this time.

Harvest Celebration Service at St.John's Church. A wonderful morning giving thanks to God and our school community. Our class wreaths have been beautifully displayed on the Tree of Life at St. John's Church for all to enjoy.

Despite travelling back from the Isle of Wight, Willow class had a peaceful journey back. They enjoyed some quiet activities before boarding the ferry, whilst some of us enjoyed closing our eyes and having a sleep!

As a school we came together on Friday 20th to celebrate International Peace day. We began our day inviting the children to consider in wonder and awe about Peace, what it looks and feels like to them. Children joined together from across the school to work collaboratively in their Team Houses to create peace doves. The doves symbolised our diverse and harmonious community at Staplegrove Church School. We ended our celebration of Peace with a sharing assembly. Children and staff reflected on the meaning of Peace and importance of this special Christian Value both within our own school community and beyond.

Whole School Collective Worship with Mike Strange. We thought about the power of forgiveness and saying we're sorry when we have done wrong to others. The children enjoyed hearing the parable of the Prodigal Son.

The House Captains lead Collective Worship for their house

Another visit from Dunk the Dog

Cherry Class takeover the Candlemas Service at St. John's Church

Dunk The Dog visits Staplegrove worship

Exploring the big concepts in our Values day

Oak Class visit to the Knitted Bible Story Exhibition

Collective Worship team trip to All Saints Church NFW

Special Prayer Collective Worship with Mike Strange and Dunk the Dog!

Interfaith Day - whole school challenge to investigate different religions

Christingle service

KS2 Harvest Assembly

Thankfulness and Generosity Values Day


Harvest Assembly KS1

Willow class attend Easter Cracked performance March

Naftali from Bochoroke Village and Mend the Gap charity assembly

Values day assembly

Elm class creation song

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'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10


Welcome to our church events page, here you can find out about our Christian Values and see all the different activities we have been up to.



Year 3 Wall Hanging 'What is important to me?'

This wall hanging has been made by the children of Cherry Class as part of their learning in RE. Their unit of work is focusing on what is important to them and they have shown this in beautifully creative way. 
Values Day 
During the Autumn Term, the whole school took part in our next Values Day. We explored our mission statement and learnt about the Christian concept 'Agape'; learning through different activities that this is sharing communion. 
Beech and Rowan class made prayer webs during our Values Day

Values Day

Our School Values

These are our School Christian Values, all members of our school community strive to live and work by these everyday.

Leavers Service at Wells Cathedral