Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10


‘ With languages, you can be at home anywhere.’

Edmund De Waat

Curriculum Intent


At Staplegrove, the core language taught is French. Using an adapted range of resources from La Jolie Ronde, the children will be exposed to a progressive series of skills and vocabulary within French. Vocabulary will be displayed so it can be referred to throughout the units and spoken regularly throughout the week and therefore not limited to within French lessons. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which promotes children’s linguistic competence in a way that stimulates and encourages their curiosity about language. We recognise the value and importance that languages have in enabling our children to become successful learners through providing them with opportunities for challenge, resilience and collaboration. It is our intent that French is an enjoyable learning experience for all children regardless of their starting point or background. For this reason, many of the topics learnt (especially in Year 3) are those of close, personal interest to the children, such as self, family and pets. French is delivered as part of a broad and balanced curriculum with vocabulary underpinning the teaching of every lesson throughout Key Stage 2.

Languages knowledge and skills progression document

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