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'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Our Forest School

Welcome to Forest School!  Please visit this page to see what we have been up to!!

Forest School 2021-22

Elm had a great last session! We watched Mrs Tope light the fire and learnt all about what a fire needs and how it works. We learnt how to stay safe around the fire, including the correct way to sit in the 'respect' position when toasting our marshmallows. We also collected different sized sticks for each stage of the fire lighting process. We also enjoyed playing 1,2,3 where are you, decorating our wood cookie medallions and climbing the tree! 

Elm Class enjoyed their first Forest School session. We explored the area, looked at ways to keep ourselves safe and came up with some Forest School values that we can remember each time we come. We also learnt a new game called 1,2,3 where are you, which was very fun! We cannot wait to come back! 


Making mud!

We mixed soil and water to make mud.  Then we used the mud to make a 'Green Man' who is a traditional character of May Day celebrations and the coming of Spring.

"A stick for a mast!"

Following on from our Stick Man activities we made flags to put on 'a stick for a mast'.  The children had to design a flag which told us something special about them.  We then shared our designs as part of the group.

We used a bow and arrow 

Today we used a bow and arrow made out of sticks.  It was quite hard to use and we had to listen carefully to the instructions.


Some of us learnt to use the bow and arrow quickly, but it took other people longer.  After a break, the children who learnt the new skill quickly acted as a coach to the others. Soon, all the children could use the bow and arrow.  Well done!

We made our own Stick Men

The Forest School site is very bare because it is the end of winter.  It made us think of the Stick Man story.  We have been trying out some of the things that happen in the story - like Stick Man being thrown as a stick for a dog.


Today we made our own Stick Men (or dogs, or beetles, or babies......)

We saw footprints in the snow of some visitors to the Forest School site. Who do you think they were?

Today we used a fire steel to light a small fire

We had to remember how to keep ourselves safe.  This meant tucking in anything loose, keeping the fire steel away from our bodies, and kneeling with one knee up and one knee down.  Our partner had a stick to make sure that the cotton wool didn't blow away.  It was really hard to do!


During this activity there were opportunities for developing perseverance and resilience; team working and supporting others; talking about non-reversible change and the science of combustion.  There was also the opportunity to experience success after hard work, and of feeling proud.

Fire safety 


During this session the children were shown how to safely light and extinguish a candle using a match. This activity was done one-to-one with an adult. The purpose of the activity was to:

  • help develop resilience, as many children find this action quite hard to master
  • help develop listening skills and following multi-part instructions, and
  • give children an understanding of the safety measures needed around matches, candles and fire.


The activity is a precursor to using a fire steel.

We used leaves and natural materials to make a picture

We played stick games!

When we were playing with our sticks we had to work together as a team and talk to each other to have fun.  We had also selected our sticks independently using three different measurement criteria.

We decided to make see-saw - it was great fun!