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At Staplegrove Church School, Religious Education is an intrinsic part of our school’s identity and fosters the school’s vision and ethos. ​

Religious Education makes a significant contribution to inclusion and community cohesion, particularly in its focus on promoting ​

respect for all. As a Church school, the teaching of Christianity is at the heart of our Religious Education curriculum. Children will have deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of Christianity.  We teach religious education because it provides children with opportunities to:​

  • Evaluate and reflect upon beliefs and ethics and how they impact upon the lives of others and selves.​
  • Consider moral principles, including the nature of good and evil.​
  • Develop an understanding of the key underlying principles of world religions.​
  • Consider both differences and commonalities between world religions.​
  • Recognise bias and stereotype.​
  • Understand symbolic language.​
  • Reflect upon their own beliefs and cultural practices and feel empowered to celebrate and share these.​​

The Staplegrove child will leave our care with a rich and diverse experience of a range of faiths and world views. Our Religious Education curriculum creates opportunities for wonder and awe, through first-hand experiences; allowing the children to learn directly from people of different faiths, visiting places of worship and exploring religious artefacts. 

Useful Websites for Religious Education: