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'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Rowan Class 2021-22

Sorts Day 2022 - What a super day! Rowan Class excelled. A great example of Year 2's teamwork, physical skills, friendship and sportsmanship.

Coastlines. What a truly brilliant half term so far! (and so much more to come)... Thanks to the UK Hydrographic Office, Exmouth RNLI and the Heritage Centre. Our Coastline project has presented Rowan Class with an opportunity to explore historical maps, develop knowledge and skills about sea safety, identify physical and human features along the coastline. As well as creating our own fantastic 3-D beach hut structures.

What a brilliant half term! Well done Rowan Class. Maths has been fun with fractions and food! Measuring, accurately in the Summer sunshine and starting our exciting Topic - Coastline! We are very pride of our finished beach huts and can't wait to share them with all our families soon!

Celebration of learning - We were proud to share our learning journey so far with our families.

Our Wonderful World - Animals. Animals 2U - Year 2 had a truly memorable experience today. We were joined by Marie from Animal 2U for an informative workshop about animals (mammals, reptiles and invertebrates) and their habitats. The children loved meeting Rex -the bearded dragon as well as the exotic Giant Lime-Green stick insect, a snake and a ferret. 'We loved every minute!' Ask your child all the great facts they now know about this incredible animals.

Rowan Class had a very special visitor today... Dobbie the lamb! He joined us as part of our Science learning journey this week. The children were delighted!

Science Week - Farmlink Workshops - Animals and their Habitats and Healthy Living Today Rowan Class launched Science Week, with a visit from a member of Farmlink. We had an interactive day of exploring, questioning and discussion! We learnt; how animals are designed to live in specific habitats, what living things need to survive, we explored the life cycle of a butterfly, woodlice and ladybird. With the theme of Growth in mind, we considered the Big Question - 'If an animal is big does it mean it is a carnivore? We discovered 'Animals that are herbivores like an elephant can be bigger than a carnivore, like a wolf.' - Teador. Rowan Class are very excited for the rest of our Science Week and we can't wait to share more with you all. Ask us about the new facts we have discovered...

Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day 2022. What a brilliant day, PJs, stories, more stories and pancakes too! We have loved sharing our favourite bedtime stories and wearing our PJs for the day. We have shared brilliant stories, written reviews and started to create our very own bookmarks.

Welcome to Rowan Class 2021-22

We are delighted to have this special page to share our Year 2 learning journey.



A very Strict Victorian Experience! Life as a Victorian Child. Today in Rowan Class, Year 2 experienced life as a Victorian child. The day started with a ring of the school bell, followed by tables set out in rows ready for; a day of Victorian school work. The strict teacher invited the children to write the date - Tuesday 25th January 1884! onto their slate boards with chalk. We then practised our times tables and learnt a Victorian poem. Later the children enjoyed; knitting, handling artefacts and we had great fun playing Victorian play ground games.

Our Carymoor Adventure. A truly wonderful day. The children began their day enjoying story-time sat by the log-burner, with characters, words, props and actions they brought the story of Stickman to life. The fun continued as we made our very own Stickman out of; natural materials, as well as recycled and reused products. We had a brilliant time building dens from Willow that could with-stand a storm! We went on a hunt, using a orienteering skills to find Stickman and we explored the forest, identifying and classifying leaves. As a team we created Stickman and his family a new Family Tree. Every child left our Carymoor adventure with a smile and cherished memories.

Rowan Class dressed for a very special occasion today. As part of our Religious Educational learning, we have been exploring the answers to the question; 'How do we celebrate our journey through life?' We performed a special Christian wedding ceremony and we discovered the meaning of the artefacts and clothes worn at a wedding.

A Magical Festive Day - Rowan Class went to visit a very special person today, Father Christmas! The children were delighted with their kind gifts and to add some more sparkle to our day, we all joined together for a delicious Christmas lunch. Merry Christmas everyone.

Victorian Crafting. Today we stepped back in History into the Victorian Era. The children were asked, two big questions: 'What materials would poor Victorian children have used to make their own toys?' 'What toys did Victorian Children have?' After our investigation, the children made their own Peg Dolls from Wood, metal, cotton, wool and fabric.

Our Christingle Celebrations. As part of our Advent preparations, we came together to celebrate Christingle. Rowan Class were joined today by the very helpful Year 6 children, for cross-key Stage work to create our Christingles and learnt about the meaning and the symbolism of each item found on the Christingle. We explored the question, 'What does the word Christingle mean?' We discovered that for Christian's the word Christingle means Jesus Christ, the light and hope.

Key information for children and families:


  • Our PE day is on a Thursday - Please come into school with your PE kit on.
  • Your child's home reading books will be changed once weekly (each week 3 books will be sent home for your children to read aloud with you). 
  • Homework will be sent home each Friday and due in the following Friday please. 
  • When your child completes the Oxford Owl Reading Tree books, they will move on to the Accelerated Reader books. Please use this link and your children's personal login details to access quizzing online - Welcome to Renaissance Place (

Our Victorian Christmas workshop. What a brilliant day, had by all! The children in Rowan Class really enjoyed an educational morning filled with engaging, interactive and insightful activities all about the Victorians.

To celebrate our learning around the Great Fire of London, we decided, as a whole-class to create a display to illustrate the Great Fire! We began by observing Tudor houses and sketching them, using 3B pencils. Then we experimented with coloured ink to print onto different textures to create the illusion of fire.

Signs of Autumn. The children explored the school grounds looking for signs that Autumn is here! We discovered some inspiring Autumn items that were hidden in interesting places. This Autumn hunt gave the children some imaginative ideas for writing their own poetry.

The Great Fire of London - Events beyond living memory, that have had an impact on how we live today. Changes in National History. This term was have taken a step back in time to 1666 and learnt about the devastation, impact and changes that occurred as a result of the Great Fire of London