Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

Rowan Class 2019-20

World Book Day - Rowan Class celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as different words to expand and develop our vocabulary. We all researched the definition of our chosen word and used it in our writing. Well done Rowan for your excellent costumes and for giving World Book Day a lot of energy and excitement.

The children in Rowan Class enjoyed sharing their learning during their class assembly. Thank you to everybody who came and watched. Thank you also for the generous cake donations and support in the cake sale. Many thanks to FOSS for their support.  

Tea @ Three

Our December highlights! A very happy and festive month of Christmas preparations.

A Very Victorian Christmas. Today we were joined by the Heritage Centre to launch our Christmas Festivities in Rowan Class. The children were given the opportunity to experience a Victorian Christmas. Dressed as Victorian Children, they created Christmas crafts to give as special gifts (crackers, cornucopias, peppermint creams and tree decorations) to their families. Rowan Class have learnt how many fond Christmas traditions that we practise today originated during the Victorian era.

Today we joined year 6 to learn more about the celebration of Baptism and what this special journey means to Christians. Rev. Kivett answered questions and shared symbols of Baptism with the children.

We have been learning about the Christian Value of generosity. We have read the story of The Willow's Mite, thought about the word generosity and what it means to us. As an act of generosity we have giving gifts, shared our time, skills and knowledge with our peers and taken part in littering picking around our local community.

We have learnt the story of Creation. Through the exploration of Godly Play, music and story-telling to others.

We've been busy creating, designing and making Victorian Toys in class. Cross-Curricular learning with our English Instructions unit.

Inspire Morning. Thank you to all the adults that joined our inspire morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with you in school and playing with their brilliant peg dolls. Our silhouette artwork is displayed on our Topic Wall. We hope you enjoyed exploring the Victorian artefacts we sourced from the Heritage Centre and Taunton Museum.

Maths fun playing hopscotch counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

A step back in time... Today Rowan Class were transported back to the Victorian era. We had an action-packed day of Victorian; learning, exploring, discovery and fun! A brilliant day filled with cross-curricular learning. Thank you to the Somerset South West Heritage Centre for such an excellent, educational experience for all of the year 2 children. 

Fun with materials. Our Science STEM investigation. Rowan Class worked together to explore different materials to build a free-standing tower.

The Victorian Childhood. Today Rowan Class took at step back in time and explored our Victorian artefacts. We began our Topic journey into the Victorian era and life as it would have been as a Victorian Child.

Welcome to Rowan Class 2019-20


We will regularly update our class page over the course of the school year to keep you informed on all of the children's learning experiences, curriculum news, important information and photos of all the fun and enjoyment shared. 


All of the Rowan Class Team had a truly brilliant start to the academic year. Children happily took part in the learning opportunities, showing their diverse talents, knowledge and skills. 


Well done Rowan Class, here's to a great year! yes


Rowan Class Autumn Term Curriculum Jigsaw

Autumn Term Homework Project: Due 5.11.19


Throughout the Autumn Term the children in Rowan Class will be exploring the life of a Victorian Child. This focus Topic work will link into all of our Year 2 learning.

We have planned some fun-filled days to immerse the children into the Topic, that we hope will aid to inspire and encourage them in their learning and creativity. 


Design and or Make a Victorian toy fit for a poor or rich Victorian Child.

Children will present their design/toy to the class on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

We will then give the children the opportunity to play with the toys that have been brought in.