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A step back in time... Today Rowan Class were transported back to the Victorian era. We had an action-packed day of Victorian; learning, exploring, discovery and fun! A brilliant day filled with cross-curricular learning. Thank you to the Somerset South West Heritage Centre for such an excellent, educational experience for all of the year 2 children. 

Fun with materials. Our Science STEM investigation. Rowan Class worked together to explore different materials to build a free-standing tower.

The Victorian Childhood. Today Rowan Class took at step back in time and explored our Victorian artefacts. We began our Topic journey into the Victorian era and life as it would have been as a Victorian Child.

Welcome to Rowan Class 2019-20


We will regularly update our class page over the course of the school year to keep you informed on all of the children's learning experiences, curriculum news, important information and photos of all the fun and enjoyment shared. 


All of the Rowan Class Team had a truly brilliant start to the academic year. Children happily took part in the learning opportunities, showing their diverse talents, knowledge and skills. 


Well done Rowan Class, here's to a great year! yes


Rowan Class Autumn Term Curriculum Jigsaw

Autumn Term Homework Project: Due 5.11.19


Throughout the Autumn Term the children in Rowan Class will be exploring the life of a Victorian Child. This focus Topic work will link into all of our Year 2 learning.

We have planned some fun-filled days to immerse the children into the Topic, that we hope will aid to inspire and encourage them in their learning and creativity. 


Design and or Make a Victorian toy fit for a poor or rich Victorian Child.

Children will present their design/toy to the class on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

We will then give the children the opportunity to play with the toys that have been brought in.