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Mrs Law's Highlights

Year 2 Presentation morning

It was lovely to see so many of you at our presentation morning on Thursday 17th July.  All the children received a certificate of achievement with comments from their friends and from me.   Our special awards were presented to: Literacy - Evie Pumfrey, Numeracy - Rory Lake, Bojangles Music - Maddie Curry, Pupil - Libby Allen, Teacher - Emma Bolton.  Well done to all of you.


Volcano Day

In the last week of term the children enjoyed a volcano day.  We looked at what volcanoes are and how they occur, where to find them and the different types. Then we had an afternoon of experiments making a type of volcano and using a mixture of household ingredients we created a volcano and photographed it.

Butlins Day trip
We had a lovely time at Butlins in Minehead and were very lucky with the weather.  We enjoyed an ice cream, had a mini football tournament, ate pizza and went in the soft play area.  This was the exit point for our Viva l'Italia topic.
Year 2 Presentation morning letter

Tyler's exciting trip

Tyler and his family met a very special visitor on a recent trip out at Lympstone Camp.  He was lucky enough to see and have his photograph taken with none other than ... HRH Prince Harry!  The family were sworn to secrecy before the big day but here are some exciting pictures. Thank you to Tyler's mum for sending them in.

Sports Leader Day

All the children enjoyed outdoor games activities with the Year 6 Sports Leader Day, organised by Eddie, Josh, Bethany and Robyn.  Well done to all of Rowan class and especially Skye, Libby, Albin, Rory, Olivia L, Cole, Tyler and Evie who were awarded Sportsmanship certificates.

Italy Day

The children dressed in the colours of the Italian flag.  Linking to our Literacy work we wrote instructions to make the topping for a pizza and later on that week the children made their own.  They also designed and made an ice cream sundae and tried different Italian foods; tiramisu, olives, ciabatta bread, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and bruschetta.

Butlins Trip Letter

Italy Day letter
Summer B Curriculum Newsletter

Creative Art homework

What a bunch of artists, illustrators, sculptors, designers, model makers and painters we have in Rowan class.  The work they brought in for their nature inspired homework was brilliant.  We exhibited it at our first ever Staplegrove Art Exhibition on the last day of half term.  It was great to see it so well supported, thank you for attending. This artwork will now be included in a display at St John's Church as part of their Art and Craft weekend on 14th and 15th June. 

Kandinsky Art Day and Art Exhibition

Kandinsky Day letter

Numeracy Website Hyperlinks

Multi-skills Festival - Taunton Academy on May 7th

We had a great time at this amazing event.  The weather was a little windy but we were lucky to have sunshine for most of our time there.  The children were able to experience lots of different activities supported by Taunton Academy's Young Sports Leaders, some of whom were past pupils of Staplegrove School.

Garden Makeover!

A very big thank you to Mrs Tilley, who stayed behind at the end of the day on Friday to give our class garden a tidy up.  She was helped by Phoebe, who was at Grovers after school club.  I think you'll agree they've both done a wonderful job.

Thank you to Amelia for bringing in her Bearded Dragon's eggs for the class to see.  We learnt alot about Ruby and Max (who was previously called Maxine)!
Summer A Curriculum Newsletter

Chocolate presentations

The chocolate presentations were amazing.  The children were very professional in the delivery of their 5 researched facts about chocolate.  We had Powerpoint presentations (with chocolate crispy cake recipe from Evie), small posters, large posters, a booklet, a song (to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus by Emma) and a special super duper Kit Kat made by Archy!  When you are next in school please come and look at the fantastic display outside Mrs Nelson's office.

Easter Activity Day


A big thank you to Mrs Moore, our RE co-ordinator, for organising an amazing activity day on Tuesday.  In Rowan class you can see we had lots of fun learning about the Easter story.  We also participated in some creative activities; making a cave and decorating it with tissue paper, a collage donkey, painting trees, making flowers out of paper 'hands' and paper cup cases and making the Last Supper on a plate.  Here are some photographs showing what a lovely time we had!


Easter Activity Day 25 March 2014

Times Tables Challenge


We have now started our Times Tables Challenge in Rowan class.  The children who have completed their Number Fact Challenge have now brought home flip cards, alongside their certificates, to learn their times tables.   The order we test the tables is ... x2, x10, x5 and x3 and x4.  After that we progress to the Times Tables Olympics which is a combination of any of the above times tables including both multiplication and division facts. We continue to test Number Facts and Times Tables each Thursday. 



From Bean to Bar

As part of our topic work the children sampled chocolate and tried to guess if they were eating white, milk or plain chocolate (they were wearing boggles - darkened goggles) and could not see what they were tasting.  We also made Aztec hot chocolate, except we replaced the green chillies with either cinnamon or ginger!  Here is the recipe if you want to try this at home.


Don't forget your half term homework is due on Friday 28th March - a presentation on 5 facts you have researched about Chocolate.smiley


Photos of our amazing trip to the Cheddar Chocolate Company have been added below.


Our trip to the Cheddar Chocolate Company

Recipe for Aztec Hot Chocolate

In the Spring term Mrs Law teaches 4 days a week with Mrs Witchell teaching one day a week, usually Thursdays.   Our support staff comprises of Mrs Tilley (except Monday afternoons), Miss Sides (except Thursdays) and Mrs Izzard (Thursdays only).


On Thursdays we are really busy updating our Solar Reading Chart and doing our Number Facts Challenge.  Please remember to bring in your  reading folder with your contact book and individual reading books - and keep practising those number facts!

Trip letter for 5 March 2014

Spring B Curriculum Newsletter

Wild Rumpus

The children were amazed by the transformation in our classroom to the land 'Where the Wild Things Are'.  They painted clay monsters, composed and performed the 'Land of Monsters' using their musical instruments and decorated monster biscuits. Playtime was spent having their own Wild Rumpus in the hall and at lunchtime we ate in our classroom.

Making boats

Many thanks for your recycled materials, the children had lots of fun making the boats they had designed.  We then used a big puddle outside Rowan and Cedar classrooms to see if they floated or sank.  One good use for all the recent rain!

Musical instruments

Thank you so much for all your effort in completing our spring creative homework project.  The children brought in a wide range of musical instruments and enjoyed sharing them with the class.  They were also played at our wonderful Wild Rumpus.

Rowan class have made some 'Wild Things' monsters out of paper bags and decorated them with art materials.  Our clay monsters have been made and are now dry and just waiting to be painted.

Where the Wild Things Are

Homework letter Spring A

Spring A Curriculum Newsletter

The children had a great time at their Christmas party.  This is our beautifully decorated classroom, courtesy of Mrs Tilley and Miss Sides.  The children enjoyed some games and a disco in the morning and watched 'Arthur Christmas' in the afternoon.   Many thanks for the lovely refreshments you provided, the children were having extra festive treats right up to the end of term!

Rowan Christmas Party

We enjoyed a very energetic Year 2 Multi-Sports Festival at Wellsprings Sport Centre.  There were children from 5 other schools there.

Multi-sports festival

Autumn B Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn A curriculum newsletter