Staplegrove Church School

'That they may have life, life in all its fullness' John 10:10

St. John's Church

Staplegrove is a church school within the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust.  


The teaching staff are in sympathy with the Christian faith as expressed by the Church of England and we maintain close links with our local church, St Johns and with the Diocese of Bath and Wells.


As a church school, we are keen to promote a Christian ethos within our community and to give the children some insight into the spiritual dimension of life.

Religious Education is taught in accordance with the new agreed syllabus in 2011. We also use Diocesan guidelines as available to church schools. We aim to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of Christianity and some of the other major religions. We also hope to assist pupils in their personal search for meaning and purpose in life through the explorations of human experiences, spirituality, beliefs and values.


There is an act of worship each day and its pattern and purpose reflect the Christian foundation and character of the school. The arrangements for daily worship are varied. Religious festivals and some celebrations may take place in the local church, St Johns.


It is also our intention that children should gain some awareness and understanding of other world religions. Under the provisions of the education Reform act in 1988, all parents have a right to withdraw their child from the school's daily act of collective worship or from religious education. Any parent wishing to withdraw a child from these elements of the curriculum should make a written request through the Headteacher after a meeting.

Our designated link persons at the church are Rev Paul Irving and Mrs Iona Young.